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Relax Amani

One App,
Many Uses

Relax Amani offers premium meditation tracks spanning over 9 categories on the App

Relax Amani can deliver to you:

Calm Music

Sleep Relaxation 

Nature Sounds


Binaural Beats

Meditation Music

Sleep Relaxation Meditation 

Chakra Meditation

Solfeggio Frequency 



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What Meditation can do for you.

Meditation Group
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Meditating on the Beach

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Helping People Across The Globe 

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Who has Relax Amani helped?

"“Whenever I become stressed and anxious I click on Relax Amani I listen to meditation and it calms my mind.”"


Wellington, New Zealand

Enjoy Every Second 

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Pricing Plan

Relaxing at Home


Traveling in Nature

About Us

At Relax Amani we are a small business designed to help people across the world.

My personal experience started in 2018.  Unfortunately, I became seriously ill and spent a considerable amount of time in hospital resulting in myself incurring life changing difficulties.  When I re-entered the world I found that I had changed from the confident person that I was to now a less confident person who was suffering from anxiety, this change that made my life extremely hard, that was until I found meditation and wellness by using these processes I found that it helped me to overcome my anxiety and try to take back control of my life.

Relax Amani has been designed by myself to offer the same help to individuals via meditation and wellness this App is available to everyone and can be used at any time of day or night in any circumstances.   

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